Call of Duty League Launch Pack Key Free

Unlock this offer to download the call of duty league launch pack key for free. You can download the content on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC. Read the full tutorial to install it with ease.

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Tap on the above-given button to get your call of duty league launch pack key. Select the correct platform after arriving on the generator. Next, go to the appropriate marketplace for activating this key.

Call of Duty League Launch Pack Key

About the Call of Duty League Launch Pack

Choose from a slick black or white urban outfit for a new special CDL Operator in this pack. Both Home and Away outfits are included. The pack also includes 2 calling cards, 3 emblems and 5 weapon stickers with favorite community sayings. Are you a main assault rifle player, a flex player or a sub player? Are you a camper or slayer? Sport your playstyle with a weapon sticker. Use these items in both Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty Warzone.

Operator Skins

A new CDL Operator is included in this pack with two variant skins — a black outfit and a white outfit.

Calling Cards

2 Calling Cards are included, ‘EGO CHALL’ and ‘IT’S MY YEAR’.


3 Emblems are included, ‘RUN IT BACK’, ‘GET THAT BAG’, and ‘F/A FREE AGENT’.

Weapon Stickers

5 Weapon stickers are included. 3 for different competitive player role types: ‘MAIN’, ‘SUB’, and ‘FLEX’. 2 stickers are included for Multiplayer play styles: ‘SLAYER’ and ‘CAMPER’.


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